Jon Rafman
A Man Digging 05 sept.— 28 sept. 2013

GAE | PROJECTS – Belgo building – suite #514
372 Sainte-Catherine street west
Montreal, QC H3B 2W4

Click here to watch A Man Digging

As part of a new series of projects beyond de gallery, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran is proud to present Jon Rafman‘s most recent film, A Man Digging, in which a virtual flaneur undertakes an evocative journey through the uncanny spaces of video game massacres. In a re-visioning of the game Max Payne 3, Rafman radically transforms the role of the player, and directs our gaze towards lingering moments of spectacular deaths, rendered them banal. Rafman confronts both the danger of passively aestheticizing the “wreckage” of the past and the romantic fixation on death as a placeholder for meaning.

This video is Rafman’s latest contribution to his ongoing series that interrogates the nature of memory and investigation of the virtual word. As the narrator drifts through nostalgic recollections of his fragmented past, Rafman takes us through the gleaming surfaces of memory to the far edge of the real.

This exhibition takes place in conjunction with Jon Rafman’s participation to Le Mois de la Photo à Montreal.