Mathieu Beauséjour
Le soleil invincible 10 oct.— 10 nov. 2012

In his first solo exhibition at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran entitled Le soleil invincible (The invincible sun)Mathieu Beauséjour brings together several new projects created in 2012. continuing on the theme of the greek myth of Icarus and sun worship established by the roman civilization, the artist creates an analogy between money and the sun, both catalysts for power, brilliance and veneration.

A large neon installed on the main wall, illustrates at first glance the title of the exhibition but also the name of roman sun worshiping – “Sol Invictus”- namely “the invincible sun “. Like Icarus, who burned his wings in an attempt to reach the sun, the viewer is attracted to the light that is at the core of this new installation.

On the wall to the right, we find a series of six images, La Bête (The Beast), picking up the motif of the interior of envelopes in which the artist receives his monthly bills. In this humorous manner, Beauséjour approaches the concept of surface and content, interior and exterior, material and immaterial, that the idea of money engenders.

On the opposite wall, the artist appropriated the American dollar and the book – both objects on paper – to create two photographs. Gangstar is a picture of a sheaf of compressed bank notes, forming an image of a circular star, and cadran (dial), a scanned, dense view of 12 books placed at specific angles to reproduce the rays of a sundial, and by analogy, the planet itself.

Être gouverné (To be governed), its title taken from the text of a 19th century anarchist, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, is a video in diptych of a 23 -minute loop. on one side, a man is striking a golden metal gong, a recurring element in Beauséjour’s work, the sound becoming the backdrop to the piece. On the other side, in black and white, we see a video image of the circular black tattoo done on the artist’s chest during his performance Icarus, révolte at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran in june 2012. The organic, pliable mass echoes the rhythm of the gong and the strength of the material.

With an ingrained touch of humour, the artist presents in his latest works, contemporary society’s veneration of money, its sun.

Mathieu Beauséjour lives and works in Montreal. His art is multi-faceted, centered on installation, performance, artistic intervention and printmaking. Internationally renowned, he has had numerous exhibitions, such as his recent showing at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal as part of the Québec triennial 2011; at Oboro in Montreal; the Éponyme Gallery in Bordeaux and recently at L’oeuvre de l’autre exhibition center at université de Chicoutimi, and at the AXENE07 centre in Gatineau. His work was the subject of a recent exhibition catalogue entitled Icarus: la chute de l’empire.
Mathieu Beauséjour’s works are found in many public and private collections. In 2010, he was awarded the Giverny-Capital prize.