Nicolas Grenier, recipient of the Prix Pierre-Ayot
and Aude Moreau, recipient of the Prix Louis-Comtois 2016

Congratulations to Nicolas Grenier and Aude Moreau, recipients to the 2016 Visual Arts Excellence Awards presented by the City of Montreal in close partnership with the Association des galeries d’art contemporain (AGAC).

Highlighting the excellence of the creation in the visual arts field, the Prix Pierre-Ayot encourages emerging artists with a $ 5,000 scholarship. Recognizing the professional career of a mid-career artist who has distinguished himself in the field of contemporary art in Montreal for the past ten years, the Prix Louis-Comtois awards a $ 7,500 scholarship. In addition, the winner of each of these awards will receive $ 2,500 for the organization of an individual exhibition in Montreal. The City of Montreal is also acquiring a work by the winners.

The year 2016 is pivotal to the Prix Pierre-Ayot, since it marks the 20th anniversary of this award.

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